Jasper Léonard – ‘naamloos – fractal horizons – viermaal blauw’ (2013)

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Titel: ‘naamloos – fractal horizons – viermaal blauw’

Richtprijs opgegeven door de kunstenaar: 950€

Technieken & Materiaal: 4x5inch fuji provia scan. Lambda print verlijmd op dibond.

Afmetingen: 157 X 125 cm (ingelijst)

Over de kunstenaar:

Fractal Horizons
An analogue photo series by Jasper Léonard.

Jasper Léonard is fascinated by the way light leaves a mark on film and new images are created. His research showed him a whole new way of looking at the world. By exposing light to a single frame multiple times he is able to reshape existing structures, combining them in new compositions.

Jasper discovered photography during the digital revolution, and was fascinated by its possibilities. In this new era of endless options most of the aesthetic choices are made behind a computer, creating totally new sub-realities which rarely reflect reality.

In contrast to this evolution in photography Jasper makes a backwards movement in his artistic work.

Jasper works with analog medium and large format cameras and only uses “in camera” multiple exposure.  Instead of creating perfect images in the digital realm, he prefers to let a touch of chance seep through his work.

Over het kunstwerk:
Vierdubbele belichting Pyreneeën, zonsopkomst.


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